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Don't let pain stop you from doing the things you love

We believe in everyone’s ability to help themselves, so we’re on a mission to give people the tools to treat their own muscle & joint pain.

A plan just for you.

Injurymap harnesses your personal feedback to give you a customised program. Throughout the process, we update your daily workouts with exercises that respond best to where you are in the process.

Guiding you along the way.

We’re here keeping you motivated to reach your goal with dynamic training plans, daily objectives and actionable tips.

Reach your goal.

While you are working on reducing your pain, we also encourage you to reflect on your personal goal to emphasise your physical and mental progress.


Reflections from the Injurymap community.

Injurymap is incredibly thorough and it really helps me rehabilitate my injury.

The app makes it easy to get started and the exercises are varied and appropriately challenging.

I could quickly see the brilliance of Injurymap. I feel like I discovered a new world.

Take care of yourself.

Injurymaps programs are developed with specialist doctors to give you all the tools you need to treat your own muscle & joint pain. Browse our basic programs to get started on a customised plan.

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