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Blog posts tagged with: running

Managing Calf Pain and Shin Splints When Running

Do you suffer from stiff legs, calf pain or shin pain after running? Learn how to avoid the pain with this Injurymap guide to treatment and prevention of shin splints.
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Running And Your Body - A Deep Dive: How Running Helps You Live Better and Longer

10 medically proven benefits of running. From improved mental health to weight loss to better sleep quality, we explain why everyone should be a runner.
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Injurymap Presents: Active August

Join DHL and Injurymap for the August Exercise Challenge and DHL Stafetten/ Relay on August 26th-30th 2019. Ru...
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Running with Foot and Heel Pain

As a runner, whether amateur or professional, it is highly likely you will experience pain in the bottom of the foot at some stage in your running life
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