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Programs / Ankle sprain / Why it hurts

Why it hurts

Pain in the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, joints) may be due to many things, but the most frequent causes are:

  1. Acute injuries where the tissue is damaged due to a sudden and often severe action, such as sprains.
  2. Overload injuries where the tissue is exposed to an uneven load.
  3. Wear and tear due to degenerated tissue whereby a specific pressure on the tissue trigger pain.

In these cases, there is an irritation of the tissue, a sterile inflammation, which is a prerequisite for healing. This inflammation hurts, which is nature's way of getting the injured person to relieve the damaged tissue.

In rare cases, the pain may be due to arthritis (eg rheumatoid arthritis), medical diseases (eg metabolic diseases), deficiency diseases (eg vitamin D deficiency) or medicine (eg cholesterol-lowering medicine). By using Injurymap you are indicating, that it is your doctor's opinion that you are not in any of these severe cases, but if the pain persists or gets worse despite the training, we recommend that you revisit your doctor to determine if there is another cause of your pain.