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Phase 2

Phase 2

The exercises in Phase 2 help you to strengthen your balance and stability around the moving parts of your back


At this stage, you will have control over the movements of your back. You will strengthen the small muscles that control and stabilise your back through progressively more difficult stability exercises. The exercises may appear unusual to many but are extremely important to be able to cope with the slightly harder strength training and everyday stresses.

Activities Please continue with activities that do not provoke or aggravate your back pain. You may also want to do activities that cause mild pain, but the pain should return to the level it was at prior to the activity within 24 hours. If you are doing things in your work or in your spare time that greatly aggravates your back pain, we recommend that you reduce the activities in question by at least 25%.

You should avoid

Heavy lifting work, contact sports and other activities that provoke your back to a great extent. Also, your back should not stay inactive as this may aggravate the pain and back function. Therefore, avoid prolonged sitting positions, sitting in soft sofas, and similar stagnant activities.

Tips to keep you active

An active working day helps to prevent and reduce any muscle/joint pain. In Phase 2, you should be able to walk, do light running, cycle or train on cross-trainer without much pain. You are now allowed to include light jumps and light lifts in your training. To avoid locking your back in the same position for a long time, switch between sitting, standing, and walking.