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Programs / Neck pain / Phase 3

Phase 3


The exercises in phase 3 will help you back to normal function by training your neck's strength and mobility.


At this stage, it is important that you take advantage of your regained mobility and stability to perform the strength exercises correctly. Strength training aims to get you ready for the load your on your muscles you experience everyday. You will, therefore, have exercises with a relatively heavy load.


Continue performing activities that do not provoke or aggravate your neck. You can also perform activities that cause light pain, but only as long as the pain returns to the level it was at prior to the activity within 24 hours. If activities in your work or spare time greatly aggravate your neck pain, we recommend that you reduce these activities by at least 10%.

You should avoid

Heavy lifting that provokes your neck, as well as prolonged sitting positions that can exacerbate your pain and limit neck function.

Tips to keep you active

An active working day helps prevent and reduce any muscle/joint pain - including neck pain. You will usually be able to gradually return to a normal or almost normal activity level. To avoid locking your neck in the same position for a long time, switch between sitting, standing, and walking. Avoid prolonged strainful sitting positions.

You will be able to

You will usually be able to return to a normal or almost normal activity level. Alternate between sitting, standing and walking.