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Programs / Osteoarthritis of the knee / How to exercise when you are in pain

How to exercise when you are in pain

Exercise treatment has been shown to be very effective for long-term recovery and pain reduction. Stimulating the tissue is important for optimal recovery. Stimulation should take place as soon as possible and it is therefore not recommended to stop exercising until the pain has disappeared.

When the tissue is damaged, you should expect there to be some pain when exercising. However, the pain should disappear after exercising and must not get worse from day to day as a result of exercising.

Like physicians and physiotherapists, Injurymap uses a pain scale from 0-10, where 10 = worst possible pain, and 0 = no pain. This is called a VAS scale. When training damaged tissue, a pain of up to 5 is allowed. For tissue that is not damaged pain is allowed on 2. This will be taken into account when your feedback is used to customize your exercise program.