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Phase 3


The exercises in phase 3 will help you get back to normal bodily function by training your knees' strength and mobility.

Focus During this phase, it is important that you take advantage of your newly trained mobility and stability to perform the strength training correctly. Strength training aims to ready you for the typical stress on your knee associated with everyday activity. This requires exercises with a relatively high level of load on your knee. Of course, these exercises are adapted to your personal level of strength and mobility. Some degree of pain or soreness in your knee after exercising is still to be expected, but the pain must not increase from day to day and there shouldn't be any increased swelling.

Activities You may freely continue any activities that do not provoke or worsen your knee pain. You can also perform activities that cause light pain, but the pain in your knee must return to the level of pain you were experiencing before performing the activity within 24 hours.

Avoid Any quick change in direction that provokes knee pain.

Tips to Stay Active An active life helps to prevent and reduce any muscle / joint pain - including osteoarthritis.

You should continue training your knee for the rest of your life, as otherwise the symptoms will return for longer or shorter periods.

To limit the stiffness of your knee, avoid keeping your knee in the same position for a long period of time. Shift your position periodically while seated and, preferably, switch between sitting, standing, and walking.

You will be able to You will usually be able to return to normal or close to normal activity levels.