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1. Get a referral from your doctor

Doctor referral

Your treatment should always begin with a consultation with your health professional. A health professional can clarify your diagnosis and easily provide you with a link to the app.

Easy for the health professional:

With a single click your health professional can send you a link to the app, so you can start your exercise program.

Safe for the patient:

Injurymap is CE-marked and developed with patient safety in mind. The app picks up on redflags and provides you with information about how to perform the exercises without aggravating the injury.

2. Always get the most effective exercises


Our medical specialists choose the exercises based on evidence and best medical practice. Injurymap's algorithms ensure that your workout program continuously adapts to match your needs.

Why exercising works:

In the treatment of most kinds of muscle or joint pain, exercise therapy is the single form of treatment that has the best long-term effect. Exercising stimulates the muscle tissue and leads to a faster and more optimal healing process. Therefore, the stimulation of the muscle tissue should begin as quickly as possible after an injury. You should not avoid exercising until the pains have disappeared. Additionally, exercising strengthens the body's ability to resist pressure, sprains, and strains. Thereby exercising reduces the likelihood of developing a new injury.

Customised for you:

By using your feedback and machine learning, Injurymap continuously adjusts your exercise program. That is how we ensure you always get the right exercises for you. With Injurymap you get a personalized workout program that evolves based on your progress, and that will challenge you when you are ready for it.

Developed by specialists:

The exercises in the app and the dynamics of the workout programs are developed based on best medical practice within rehabilitation. Injurymap is developed by two experienced MDs and specialists in rheumatology, Pierre Schydlowsky and Finn Johannsen.

3. Stay motivated and reduce your pain

Become painfree

Through reminders, tips, and a variety of different exercises, Injurymap will help you remain motivated to exercise your pain away.

Stay motivated:

Injurymap gives you a large and varied range of exercises. Thereby you avoid having to repeat the same exercises again and again. This also ensures that you exercise all relevant parts of the body.

Track your progress:

Injurymap lets you track how your pain develops, how much you have trained, and how far you are in your rehabilitation process. The app also helps you set a goal, and sends you reminders, when you need to work out.

Get certainty and safety:

Injurymap provides useful tips that help you understand how to deal with your injury - at work, in your spare time, and when you are doing the exercises.

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"In Injurymap, I see a great example of the future in digital healthcare. Injurymap is enabling patients to achieve high quality treatment independent of consultations with a health professional."
Lars Lin Villebæk
Lars Lin Villebæk
Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster
"Injurymap's use of machine learning in physical rehabilitation opens exciting opportunities for treatment and research."
Martin B. Justesen
Martin B. Justesen
"I have great confidence in Injurymap. The full-time dedicated founders have proven to me that they are capable of developing an innovative solution that targets a highly scalable market, and they have responded in a sound and creative way to crucial input along the way."
Lasse Sørensen
Lasse Sørensen
Vaeksthus Copenhagen

SUNH hub Venture cup Innovationsfonden Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster Væksthuset

Our team

Pierre Schydlowsky

Pierre Schydlowsky

Specialist MD in rheumatology, ph.d.

Finn Johannsen

Finn Johannsen

Specialist MD in rheumatology.

Ulrik Borch

Ulrik Borch


Mathias Bang

Mathias Bang


Sebastian Schock

Sebastian Schock


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