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Embed-friendly exercise videos

We are constantly working to promote awareness of musculoskeletal injuries and treatment possibilities. This is why we have made it super easy for you to use our exercise videos on your own websites, blogs, or social media channels. Every video is embed-friendly and can easily be posted across websites, blog services, and social media channels.

Looking for a specific video?

Maybe you are looking for videos to include in your blog post about dealing with back pain? Do you need some high-quality exercise videos to go along with your new article on how to deal with shoulder pain? Simply browse our video library and find the videos that are relevant to your topic.

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Using a video is simple

Find a video you are interested in and press the "share" button. This will show you a link that you can simply copy and paste. The videos will embed automatically on large platforms like Medium, Reddit, and many more. For older platforms (not supporting oEmbed) you can use the iframe code to embed the video.

Do you need a video?

We are constantly working to expand our library of free videos. If you are missing a specific video, please tweet to us @Injurymap.