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Klinik for Fysioterapi & Træning


Klinik for Fysioterapi & Træning

Storegade 52
6700 Esbjerg

The Clinic for Physiotherapy and Training, was establish in 1988 and has resided in the current address since 1999. We employ 10 physiotherapists of varying in age difference, with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

Thus the clinic can offer treatment of all physiological disorders based on the most recent knowledge, equipment and by practice physiotherapists, who are professionally updated.

Furthermore, we have students, physiotherapist and training instructors managing our many offers of training such as Fit-out (outdoor training) Physio -Pilates and Yoga etc. There are also a wide variety of Group training possibilities at the clinic, individual training is also possible via a Key Card from monday/Sunday between 0500-2300 hrs.

We value, quality, well educated and highly professional staff in a safe environment.