"Injurymap is a gift that I couldn't live without"

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73-year-old Marianne Koltze Larsen has always enjoyed physical activity. “As long as I can remember, I have been going to the gym and swimming. I go for long walks and I have always enjoyed staying active” says Marianne, who is now retired after having worked as a school secretary.

This is why it came as a surprise when one day in April 2017 she couldn't rise from her bed because her left leg was "hurting like crazy". She went to see a chiropractor, followed by a visit to her doctor's office.

"About a month before I started using Injurymap I went to see my chiropractor. He 'snapped' my back and since then I have visited him roughly 8 to 10 times", says Marianne, and adds that her chiropractor also assigned her some exercises that she had to perform multiple times a week.

"The exercises I got from my chiropractor helped. They eased the pain in my left leg. But I stopped performing the exercises as soon as I started using Injurymap" she says.

According to Marianne, it's simply a question of determination if you, like her, really want to push for a quicker rehabilitation process. It's no use to just hope that the pain will go over by itself. Or that the chiropractor, doctor or physiotherapist will ease the pain for you.

"You have to do something and not just expect the problem to solve itself," she says firmly.

Injurymap is a gift

After using Injurymap to train intensely for 7 months, Marianne claims that the training exercises have helped. The pain in her left leg is almost gone. When she recently went to see her doctor, she remarked that using Injurymap makes it feel like the pain is trickling out of her leg.

"I almost feel like the pain is pushing through the toes and out of the body. That's how good exercising with Injurymap feels. That's not to say that I no longer feel the pain in my leg. But it's not like before" says Marianne.

"I really consider Injurymap to be a gift that I couldn't live without. It's much more practical to perform the exercises when the instructions are in an app on my tablet rather than use paper training guides that always get lost. Besides that, the app makes it easy to get started, it's easy to use, the exercises are varied and appropriately challenging."

One proof that Marianne has enjoyed using Injurymap, besides having brought it along on her vacations, is that she has recommended her friends of the same age to also use the app.

"I recommended the training program to a couple of my friends. If they actually use it, I don't know" she says with a smile.

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